Brooke Moyse

Twee Abstraction
curated by Alex Paik

January 6 - 29, 2012
Reception: Friday, January 6, 6 – 10pm

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[essay by Alex Paik]

PHILADELPHIA - Tiger Strikes Asteroid is pleased to announce the opening of its January exhibition, Twee Abstraction, curated by Tiger Strikes Asteroid member Alex Paik.

Twee Abstraction brings together the work of several abstract artists whose practices recall the sweetness and childish clunkiness of early twee pop music. Bands such as Talulah Gosh, The Field Mice, or Beat Happening abandoned the nihilistic and political overtones of punk music and combined its DIY spirit and straightforward, three-chord simplicity with a love of 60s jangly guitars and girl-group harmonies into a music that was decidedly lo-fi, straightforward, and delicate.

Similarly, the artists in Twee Abstraction exhibit a predisposition toward the straightforward, the fragile, and the hand-made. Whether it be through the use of fragile materials, through willfully amateur technique, or through a love of simple compositional strategies and bright color harmonies, these artists invite viewers to an experience that is intimate, playful, and gracefully underworked.

Exhibiting artists:
Lauren Collings
Suzanne Goldenberg
Siobhan Liddell
Andrew Masullo
Jeffrey Scott Matthews
Brooke Moyse
Alex Paik
Caroline Santa
Tamara Zahaykevich